Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter wonderland

Well we did have red sky in the morning recently!!
For the last 4 days we have been living in our own winter wonderland and the children even had an extra long weekend as schools were closed on Monday.
Mrs H's car hasn't moved since Thursday last week and even the 4x4 has struggled on occasion. At one point, we had our new neighbour (luckily he is also a friend) pushing the car up our drive as I attempted to reverse it onto the road!!! Needless to say it has been parked on the road ever since as we daren't try and get it up and down the drive!

Despite all the hassle it brings, it does all look very pretty.

Introducing the newest member of the family ...

Colin the fish!!!

AJ finally had his wish granted and he was allowed to buy himself a fish. He eventually decided on a shubunkin who was duly named Colin. For those of you who know me well, imagine the scene:- It is freezing, raining and blowing a gale and we are in the 'fish shed' at our local garden centre. AJ is busy choosing which fish he would like and yes, guess who then had to chase it round the tank, catch it in the net and safely deposit it into a water-filled plastic bag ensuring that I had actually caught the right one!!!

Red sky at night - sailors' delight ...

Red sky in the morning......

Despite the stunning sunrise, we didn't know what the weather was about to bring!!

Badminton competition

AJ recently took part in the schools island badminton tournament, winning with his partner in the boys doubles. Coupled with the girls winning their doubles, this meant the school won the overall tournament trophy.