Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New transportation

Yesterday, we were finally able to road test the new ride ons that AJ and little Z received for Christmas. It was damp and freezing fog but a great time was had by all.

Merry Christmas

Santa was very generous in our household this year as you can clearly see - we had a lovely day and all the better for not having a big Christmas dinner to prepare. Fish and chips went down really well and meant that the roast dinner on Boxing Day was more appreciated.

Vsiting friends

We managed to go to see some friends and deliver presents and as you can see little Z was right at home feeding baby S!

Christmas is coming!

Having laid wooden floors this year as part of our renovations project, we decided to bite the bullet and have a real Christmas tree as it will be easier to clean up the falling needles. Of course it wasn't just a real tree that was purchased- oh no - there had to be a complete new colour scheme and lots of baubles and decorations to be bought. The resulting chocolate/bronze themed tree is actually quite impressive in real life.

Ice, ice baby...

Once the temperature rose just a tad, some of the snow started to melt but then refroze to form some impressive looking icicles over AJ's bedroom window.

Weather chaos

Pretty as it may be, the weather caused all sorts ofr chaos including the cancellation of Mrs H's work Christmas do. Cue cancellation of hairdressers etc. It was rescheduled for the following Tuesday night and was stil a great do despite some changes to entertainment etc. Mrs H even managed to get a last minute hair appointment and snow or not, decided to make the effort with the evening dress, stilettos the lot!!

Winter Wonderland Part 2

The Isle of Man was covered by a really heavy blanket of snow as most of the UK was. It came down so quickly that the Island was completely gridlocked. My 10 minute journey home from work to collect the children from school took me the best part of 3 hours and someone else had to get the kids!!

Thank goodness for the 4x4 - Mrs H's car remained in the work car park for the next week before it was safe to even consider driving it on the Manx roads!

We did have some fun in the snow though especially as it was the weekend.

Badminton qualification

Not content with all the sporting activities that Mrs H and the children already do, Mrs H decided to formalise the badminton coaching that she does each Sunday and took her Level 1 Badminton Coaching certificate and passed!!!!

December brings the start of all things festive!!

Yes, December came upon us with the first week bringing the school Christmas concerts. 2 seperate ones this year - 2 performances of each to attend!!

Little Z was required to dress in a Hawaiian style brightly coloured dress, sunglasses etc (it did fit into the Christmas story - honest!).

AJ advised us that he needed a gangster hat which was duly purchased and then he advised it needed to be a bobble hat (yes, bit of a difference I know!). Mrs H thought the most sensible thing was to ask the school who advised that it was an East 17 song that the boys were dancing to in their production of Cinderella (don't ask!) so a beanie hat it was after all!!!!