Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tattoos are us!

Uncle A had given Mrs H a temporary hand tattoo kit for Christmas and as it is half term week, it was decided this was the ideal time to try the kit out. Grandma is also over visiting for the week so everyone joined in. The tattoos were great however the removal of the afore-mentioned 'temporary' tattoos was a little more complicated and involved cooking oil (in lieu of skin oil as per the instructions - unsuccessful), sellotape (as per the instructions - honest! ineffective and painful) and eventually success via a mountain of baby wipes!!!!

The Aliens have landed....

Well actually little Z had been getting creative with one of AJ's odd socks at school. We were really impressed with the end result! Who knows - if there is life out there and it looks like this then maybe it wouldn't be scary after all?????

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Badminton achievements

AJ took part in a primary school tournament yesterday and performed extremely well. He got to the singles semi-finals having won 6 matches. With his partner from school, they played fabulously and made it to the boys doubles finals where they did lose but had a great match. He received trophies for both singles and doubles and we are very proud of him.

Little Z was also very proud of her hard work trophy from badminton last week and am sure would have preferred not to have to hand it back today!

High School visitation

On Thursday we all went to have a look at the high school that AJ will be going to in September. There was so much to see and of particular interest to AJ was the computer facilities, the Science facilities and the Technology and Design area. Little Z was particularly impressed with the Dance Theatre and joined in with the pupils demonstration of You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray much to their amusement!!