Sunday, July 3, 2011

Princess parties rule!

Z was invited to her friend's princess themed party recently and had a brilliant time. There had even been a fairy teacher flown in especially from the UK after her friend had won a competition through Clintons cards. It was a lovely afternoon.

Fencing competition

AJ did really well at the recent fencing tournament and came away with bronze.

Well done and keep it up AJ!!

All I want for Christmas is .......

a new front tooth!!! Little Z lost her first baby tooth amid much hysteria as it kept wobbling and was bleeding a bit. Mummy helped it out a little bit and everything then calmed down from then on.

School sports day

AJ and little Z had their school sports days in the middle of June. Both had been practising hard and had high hopes for finishing in a place. Unfortunately, little Z (despite an impressive starting position) decided to turn round and talk to her friends and completely missed the start and had to play catch up!! AJ did really well and came 2nd in his sprint and also gave an impressive performance in the long distance race which he led all the way round until the last 200 yards or so when he pulled up due to injury. He joined back in after the last racer had passed him and managed to pull back some distance which was very brave of him and he was nowhere near last in the end.

Elton Mania in Mann

Me and Mr H were lucky enough to have tickets to see Elton John live in Douglas!! It was a fantastic evening, the atmosphere was incredible and it was extremely well organised. The only slight disappointment was that I did not have a camera with me as someone had told me they weren't allowed so I didn't get any pictures. It was amazing - I nearly had no voice left by the end of the evening!!