Thursday, June 28, 2012

School Sports Day - Olympic style

Little Z had an all day sports day on Tuesday and with an Olympic games theme. All the children were in countries and little Z was representing Argentina !!!!!!!!
A great day was had by all and better still there were no parent participation events!!!

The opening night is getting closer

Zharah has been rehearsing really hard for the Christine Wild show Curtain Up which opens oin Monday night (2nd July).  Her WW2 evacuee costume is complete and has been given the thumbs up by the wardrobe mistress (giant thank you to Grandma who made the dress without a pattern and it is perfect!!).

Motor museum visit

During TT week we took a trip round the island and squeezed in a visit to a motor museum we had never been to before (that's terrible when you think how small the Isle of Man is and how long we have lived here for!!).  It was really interesting and there were some really unusual old vehicles there. This one had been in service in Malta up until a few months earlier. We loved the bright colours.

The fair came to town

During TT every year, the fair arrives on Douglas Promenade and this year Mr & Mrs H took little Z to the fair (AJ was at a sleepover). Not much for little ones to go on but she found enough to cost us a fortune and then topped it off with a giant bag of candyfloss!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Torch mania continues

Mr H took the children to watch the torch being carried right past the end of our road!! He then took them to Castletown where I managed to wave at them whilst jumping off the bus to collect my next torchbearer. They all went to the LTSB street party and were able to have their photo taken with a torch as well!!

Olympic torch fever reaches the Isle of Man

Sat 2nd June 2012.

I know it has been absolutely ages since I last posted anything so this post is bang up to date from today's events. I had the most wonderful opportunity today to be a shuttle bus host for the Olympic Torch relay in the Isle of Man. I had a brilliant day, got to hold an Olympic relay torch, meet Geoff our fab bus driver for the day, wave to literally thousands of people along the route and best of all, met some amazing people with some totally inspiring stories to tell.