Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!!

AJ and little Z were very pleased with the Christmas presents they received from Mummy and Daddy and the special surprises from Santa. Little Z has been out already to try out the new bike and AJ has been surgically attached to the Kindle Fire since it was opened!

Friday, December 21, 2012

You have so got to view this!!

Look out for elf no 5 on the back row!!!!

Who needs Nigella or Jamie??!!!!

Whilst in hospital Mrs H watched a baking programme and really liked a cupcake recipe. Last weekend, I finally got to try it out to rave reviews from the family and Mrs H's work colleagues.

Mrs H also decided to try making something using filo pastry which she had never done before. Behold the feta, spinach and sun-dried tomato filo pie which was delicious.


A singer in the making

Little Z took part in a musical theatre Christmas production where she had a solo spot with her own microphone! She was so cute and Mummy cried!

Visit to Santa's grotto..

Which was on a double decker bus this year!!!! It was actually very effective and he was a very jolly Santa too!

Meet Boris

Somehow AJ managed to get Mrs H to agree to the adoption of a Russian dwarf hamster who was then named Boris. I blame my lapse of willpower on the cumulative effects of all the general anaesthetics I have had recently!!! He is actually very cute and being a dwarf hamster, only stays tiny (he is about the size of a golf ball).

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Was the title of little Z's school Christmas concert. One town crier outfit later!!! It was very enjoyable and little Z had the opening line of the production!!

X-rated logs

Grandma took great delight in showing us the anatomically correct logs she found when setting the fire. If you can't see what they resemble, I am not explaining it!!!


Mr H took part in the Movember challenge to grow a moustache - mmm maybe not!!

Happy Hallowe'en

The costumes were a bit on the scary side this year!!!

Badminton success for AJ

Ont same day as little Z's party, AJ was taking part in an U`13 badminton tournament. He did brilliantly and won the boys doubles trophy and came runner up in both the boys singles and the mixed doubles.It was a long hard day for him and the singles final was particularly thrilling. He made us all very proud.

Just two weeks later, he was competing in the U15 tournament and made the semi finals for the boys doubles which was a great result.

Happy Birthday little princess!

We can't believe that little Z is 7 already!! Mummy was discharged from another stay in hospital on her birthday which was fantastic timing. Grandpa had arrived the night before which was a surprise for the birthday girl and we had a lovely family tea with Grandma who was already here looking after Mummy. The next day was the birthday party for school friends (hence 2 birthday cakes - please note the home made gingerbread men styled cake!!) - it was a Halloween mini Olympics themed party and there was 'pin the spider on the web; 'throw the skulls into the cauldron', a 'skeleton shy' and 'toss the balls at the ghosts'. Everyone had a great time!